Market analysis / Competition analysis

Many different aspects – from strategic market positioning to morning show and presentation, to marketing on- and off-air – are essential for the overall success of your radio product. A sober, matter-of-fact analysis of the whole market or a comparative analysis of your station with your direct competition reveals opportunities and risks – it’s a useful point of departure for the successful optimization of your programming.

Do your competitors have weaknesses which make them vulnerable? When does it make sense to take strategic measures, and what will be decisive in the next “war” for market share? Could adjusting the format create a large market niche which your station could fill? Are your station’s USPs optimally communicated? Does your morning show have weaknesses which make it vulnerable? Can you use your competitors’ weaknesses to your own advantage?

Even after “losing” a ratings war, such an analysis can be helpful to see whether action is truly needed, and if so, where it should take place. This one-time investment gives you concrete suggestions for optimization – with an unclouded, trained view from the outside, it offers you a low-priced introduction to a program-optimization phase.

I would be happy to personally explain to you the details and added-value that this type of analysis offers.