Efficiency analysis / Company optimization

Do you sometimes have the feeling that, despite high personnel costs, your output seems to be rather low?
Sometimes this feeling is right on.
Verifying it – and then finding solutions for improving the efficiency of “sub-optimal” employees – requires an unclouded view from the outside.

How can the distribution of tasks and responsibilities be improved? Is there a way to speed up the editorial meeting and, at the same time, achieve better results? Which tasks and responsibilities are “nice to have” but not really of vital importance? When do employee briefings become so vague that the results are no longer constructive?
Sometimes small adjustments can bring about big changes, and in the end, the whole team is able to work more efficiently. Other times, large-scale measures are required in order to optimize the company’s performance. On many such occasions, I have been asked to support numerous general managers. I would be happy to offer you concrete references in a personal meeting.