Efficiency analysis / Company optimization

Do you sometimes have the feeling that, despite high personnel costs, your output seems to be rather low? Sometimes this feeling is right on. Verifying it – and then finding solutions for improving the efficiency of “sub-optimal” employees – requires an unclouded view from the outside.

Interim management

In the past years, I have worked on many relaunch projects and optimization processes which suffered from severe time constraints, while others lacked qualified personnel. As a result, I often took over the interim management: I actively managed the station and supervised the employees for a time.


Sometimes a radical solution makes the most sense: a complete relaunch of your product, with a new format, new content and statements and maybe even a new name.

Market analysis / Competition analysis

Many different aspects – from strategic market positioning to morning show and presentation, to marketing on- and off-air – are essential for the overall success of your radio product. A sober, matter-of-fact analysis of the whole market or a comparative analysis of your station with your direct competition reveals opportunities and risks – it’s a useful point of departure for the successful optimization of your programming.

Strategic Consulting and Support

Whether you’re looking for a professional sparring partner or planning a relaunch, if you want to optimize your programming via an in-depth analysis of your competitors or your strengths & weaknesses, or if you want to give your whole team additional input and external coaching to make them even better: For 10 years, my key business has been strategic consulting and supporting management.