Morning shows

A good morning show is never “complete” – it can always continue developing, with new aspects and ideas. I support this ongoing optimization process – with air checks and workshops dealing with your morning presenters’ questions.

When it comes to morning shows, I was fortunate to learn from the very best, incl. a whole year at 104.6 RTL in Berlin with Dennis Clark, the producer of Rick Dees and Ryan Seacrest at KIIS FM in Los Angeles (“On the Air with Ryan Seacrest”).

And I was even part of the successful “Arno und die Morgencrew” show. I know how morning shows work – inside and out.

Constant work with a huge variety of shows, ongoing monitoring of these shows via market research and the never-ending analysis of morning shows from all over the world all help me find new input. I hear what works (and what doesn’t) and discover new trends, ideas and tricks. Use my input for your morning show – in the end, there is no other program at your station which is more important than the morning show.