How to the find the right topics – and incorporate them creatively

Optimize your editorial conference & its output. A seminar with a strategic background for radio as an entertainment medium. Contents: Basics for identifying topics Which topics are a “must” – and where can I find them? Which topics always work? Which methods always work? New rules for the editorial conference Presenting topics – all varieties Every time I’ve given this workshop, at the end there was a flipchart full of…

Strategic and tactical promotions

This seminar is often a real eye-opener for top management. The topics: Basics for conceptual design of a promotion Basics for implementing a promotion Which are the effects of each type of promotion? Which type of promotion addresses the different types of station problems? When is it better NOT to have a contest?


My favourite workshop for presenters! A wonderful, creative seminar for the whole range of presenters, from beginners to seasoned pros.The presenters are given never-failing tools which they can use every day to design Musicsells.

Moderation Basics

This seminar is customized especially for you. It includes: the auditory impression of the presentation of your station, your station’s strategy and of course, addressing your questions and problems.

Individual coaching

Are you interested in only part of our offer? Or are you an ambitious presenter who’s looking to continue your development, but you lack feedback? All of these services can be booked by the hour – from air checks to a review of your OAP. Contact me. We will find a good solution. Guaranteed.

OAP- Coaching

Well-functioning on air promotion is the essential component for the on air implementation of your strategy. It starts with the development of suitable claims to communicate your strategy and, via many creative details, leads to a strategically optimal on air implementation.

Presenter-Coaching / Personality-Coaching

Presenters have a large role in shaping your station’s image. Train your presenters. New: Personality coaching with Bayern 3 presenter Susanne Rohrer. Via individual air checks we coach your presenters in all the basics as well as strategic points like selling music, creatively integrating your claim in a meaningful way and selling promotions.

Morning shows

A good morning show is never “complete” – it can always continue developing, with new aspects and ideas. I support this ongoing optimization process – with air checks and workshops dealing with your morning presenters’ questions. When it comes to morning shows, I was fortunate to learn from the very best, incl. a whole year at 104.6 RTL in Berlin with Dennis Clark, the producer of Rick Dees and Ryan…