In order to obtain the best results for your product, you need somebody who will support you in order to find suitable employees for your radio station. If you are looking for a new PD or a Morningshow-Anchor for your Radio Station, I will be your helping hand.

After numerous trips, workshops and lots of Headhunting-Jobs I have been able to collect lots of knowledge concerning the German Radio Market. This market is really huge and I know everything about the Radio Business. I know everything about the work of a PD as well as the work of a broadcaster working during the afternoons. I also can tell what the people in charge are doing and can evaluate their skills and the benefit for their product.

In the course of the years, I managed to establish contacts which also can be very useful for you.

I also can offer you a wide range of job candidates and help you solve all your Headhunting-Problems. My resources are very substantial.

If no suitable candidate can be found and none of my contacts fit, I will place some ads and sort out potential aspirants for you.