Yvonne Malak


2000 until today:

In 2006 I started my own busines called “my Radio”. My target customers are various radio stations as well as state media authorities and several academies in German-speaking countries, dealing with strategical Radio Management. I support Managing Directors and Program Directors in all questions in respect of business strategy and daily business. I coach their staff, e.g. Morningshow-Anchors, Editors-in-Chief and On-Air-Promoters and develop individual training programs for my clients and external institutions. During the last 10 years I supported numerous successful relaunches, e.g. the relaunch of „Hit 1“ in Karlsruhe in Germany, which now is called „die neue welle“ with a triplication of the audience rating. I stepped in as Interim Management of Radio Stations, put several PD´s into place and accompanied them. I took over the responsibility for the design of various Morningshows and enhanced them with my contribution.

Before I started to run my own business, I worked as a Program Director with record-breaking ratings, e.g. BB Radio in Potsdam and Radio Ton in Heilbronn in Germany. I experienced the significance oft a useful strategy is and its implementation and the value of tools tools to manage a team properly.

I am the co-author of a book called “Radiojournalismus” and I regularly publish articles for several Radio-Websites, e.g., and I also hold a chair at the University of Karlsruhe for the Radio Marketing Department.

Besides these highlights you can rely on my 15 years of experience as Consultant for the Radio Management and Strategic Sector.

The 80s and the 90s:

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During my school years I worked as a presenter at Radio F in Nuremberg and finished school in the middle of the 80s by achieving my “Abitur” (= German University-Entrance Diploma). Afterwards I started my on-the-job-training and did my voluntary work at Radio Gong in Nuremberg. The franconian city is one of the first private competitive markets in Germany.



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At the beginning of the 90s I worked for Radio Luxemburg and afterwards I had the chance to help to build-up 104.6 RTL in Berlin and worked as Co-Host for the Morningshow “Arno und die Morningcrew”. During this time I was responsible for the Morningshow-Editorial Department, too
Later I started to work as Head of DJs and Midmorning Broadcaster. Afterwards I have been in charge of the On Air Promotion for Spreeradio, followed by the work as Entertainment Chief and Afternoon Presenter for BB Radio. And on January 1st 2000 I started to work as Program Director for Radio Salü in Saarbrücken.




My experiences, my requirements and my further education:

I have learnt my skills from scratch, starting in the middle of the 80s. Since 2000 I was able to expand my knowledge concerning strategic expert knowledge as well as management skills.

I may help you to find answers for strategical and technical problems as well as Leadership or Management queries and other issues. I keep on upgrading my knowledge, take part in management and coaching classes and also graduated in NLP.

I am the coauthor for the German-speaking book called „Radiojournalismus“, published articles at various radio related websites e.g., or At the University in Karlsruhe I hold an university teaching position for the Radiomarketing department and I was a member of the Grimme Jury for the “Deutsche Radiopreis 2013”.

These experiences recommend me as your trustworthy and competent partner for the optimization of your product.